The Question:
from Terri Krueger Very Nice Melissa

This is Terri and Grandma. We just checked you site and we think it is very nice. Good luck. Previous Response:
from Melissa Hintz
on February 21, 2009
 Thanks SO much for visiting! I really appreciate your support!

Check back soon, I went to see the snow geese in Utah and got some fabulous pictures!

Melissa Previous Response:
on March 01, 2009

The pictures look great! I am just now getting time to go through mine. When I have picked out the best, I will email sone to you.

Have a great day

Kelly Previous Response:
from Melissa Hintz
on March 01, 2009
 OMGosh!! That would be so wonderful!! I feel bad that the geese all flew as you drove away!


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