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Question   amazing pics sis
Love you! Your brother!

- ty mills January 23, 2012

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Melissa!!! I am so pleased with the pictures you took of my sweet little baby girl Mylei! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Awesome JOB!!!!!

- Ivy MacDonald March 21, 2011

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Question   Pictures
Love, love it. You are so good!! I miss your face! Would love for you to take MaKinley's photos. And maybe some family ones.

- Lindsey Larson-Yarber June 28, 2010

  Answer Awww!!! I miss your face too and I am sooo glad you aren't too far away!! Call me ANYTIME and we will do as many as you want. :)

- Melissa Hintz  June 28, 2010

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Question   you'regood
Melissa I like your website and your eye. Very Very Nice

Kevin Sheehan

- Kevin Sheehan April 19, 2010

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Question   back grounds
i can't wait to see the different backgrounds..that will be soooo cool to beable to put different ones to some of the pics or is there a site I can go to to check them out???? thanx so much

- jody bower February 28, 2010

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Question   You did it again
Again those pictures are beautiful. Do we need to get together so that I can some pictures ordered in color? I love them tho, my family looks great because of you

- Lexi Smith December 07, 2009

  Answer Oh, my heavens Lexi, your family looks great anyway!! I am so glad you are happy!

We don't need to get together, I will begin putting color ones up tonight or tomorrow!

- Melissa Hintz  December 07, 2009

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Question   good job lady
i knew you thought you were good but you really are seeing your beatiful pics I am so excited to get my family done by you keep up the good work and well all keep spreading the word Sam

- Samantha Forsgren August 29, 2009

  Answer Thanks so much, Sam! I am glad I can back it up by showing the proof! :) I am really excited to take your photos! If you are excited now, you just wait!! LOL Melissa

- Melissa Hintz  September 14, 2009

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Question   Pictures
Mel!! Omgosh those pictures are amazing..you do an excellent job no matter what your shooting..keep up the good work.. LOVE IT

- Tami Munyan-Emery July 14, 2009

  Answer THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!Love you!!! :)

- Melissa Hintz  August 26, 2009

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Question   Wedding Pictures~
You do a beautiful job!

- Jessica M July 09, 2009

  Answer Thank you soo much, Jessica!! I am sure that you made the right decision when you chose me for your wedding!! I am soo excited for you!! :)

- Melissa Hintz  August 26, 2009

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Question   Better late than never?
Hey, finally made it to check out your website:) Pictures are beautiful. You are so talented!

- Brooke Herrera May 15, 2009

  Answer Yea, like you aren't busy. LOL I will put Lilli's up soon, too. :)
I am totally glad you came to visit!!

- Melissa Hintz  May 15, 2009

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Question   Rachael
Melissa, those pictures are absolutely amazing. Thank you

- Lexi Smith May 01, 2009

  Answer Oh, Lexi, thank you SO much! I am very glad that you love them!

- Melissa Hintz  May 15, 2009

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Question   admiration
Just wanted to let you know I looked and am totally in awe of your talent !! Oh,love ya *grin*

- bobbie ferguson April 20, 2009

  Answer Thank you SO much!! Oh and BTW, I'm pretty sure it runs in the family! I've seen some things that you have done. :)

- Melissa Hintz  May 15, 2009

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Question   Nice Job!
Very nice website. Very nice pictures. I might be able to learn some tricks from you! :) Very proud of you, sister!
Love, Maggie

-  March 13, 2009

  Answer Thanks!! You can't know how much that means to me! I would LOVE to teach you tricks, anytime!

Love, Melissa

- Melissa Hintz  March 13, 2009

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Question   Ty Is The Kewlest Person Ever
Very Noice!

- Ty Mills March 12, 2009

  Answer I'm sorry that gives you such a physically large head tho. :) Thanks!!

- Melissa Hintz  March 12, 2009

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Question   Very Nice Melissa
This is Terri and Grandma. We just checked you site and we think it is very nice. Good luck.

- Terri Krueger February 19, 2009

  Answer Thanks SO much for visiting! I really appreciate your support!

Check back soon, I went to see the snow geese in Utah and got some fabulous pictures!


- Melissa Hintz  February 21, 2009

  Answer Melissa,

The pictures look great! I am just now getting time to go through mine. When I have picked out the best, I will email sone to you.

Have a great day


- Kelly Thurgood  March 01, 2009

  Answer OMGosh!! That would be so wonderful!! I feel bad that the geese all flew as you drove away!


- Melissa Hintz  March 01, 2009

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